Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

Oppo F19S prices and features: OPPO F 19s is an affordable budget smartphone developed by Oppo for global distribution. It comes with an impressive 6-inch screen with a high-definition (HD+) resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass front cover. It has the powerful MSM chipset along with the hardware keys to optimize performance. It is also powered with a dual camera with two lenses – a front and back camera allowing for the capturing of crisp images in any lighting condition.

OPPO F 19s camera setup: This Oppo F 19s camera setup is a combination of two different cameras from Oppo such as the Exmor P, which has an 80 degree wide angle lens providing a whole new level of shot definition. The front cam is also equipped with optical zoom giving you that real time image results. The back camera however has an automatic focus and image stabilization to give you that perfect picture every time. With the advanced video features like 4K recording, you will definitely get your money’s worth from this smartphone. It also offers users unlimited music playback through Bluetooth or USB. Oppo F19S

On the other hand, the Oppo F19S with the Android ecosystem software upgrade gives users the advantage to enjoy a better quality of service when it comes to browsing, streaming and downloading applications from the Android Market. This handset has a complete range of connectivity features and capabilities through the famous Google Play app – which includes access to more than a million apps. With this device you can also enjoy your favorite music, games and videos from the comfort of your house without having to leave your seat. Its impressive dual-core chipset along with the Adreno engine enables smooth and fast operation from all the apps.

However, the Oppo F19S has a unique characteristic of having a dual SIM tray. This is very useful for international travelers who have some other number in their hands, apart from their own. This phone allows you to switch over easily from one network to another with ease. This means that with a typical single SIM card in any other network, this Oppo F19S can support two connections at the same time, which gives you more freedom and flexibility.

There are several unique features in this smartphone that has been inspired by technology and that makes it a class apart from the common mobiles. One of its unique features is the snapdragon 6162 colorOS 3.2, which is a customized version of the widely popular snapdragon 6163. The colorOS 3.2 offers a fully intuitive user interface with a beautiful color display that looks strikingly elegant and classy. This smartphone comes loaded with many innovative features including the High Definition Video recording support, the fast application launch and the multi-tasking ability. Apart from the camera, it comes loaded with the advanced music player which supports MMS, HEVC and HD voice among many others. The Oppo F19S has also a high quality audio system, which helps you to enjoy your music as it should be done.

The Oppo F19S offers you a large storage space with the help of its memory card slot, so you can easily upload your files to the phone. Also, this Oppo F19S has a large battery, which enables you to enjoy a long talk time on your smartphone. It has a two megapixel camera with a secondary auto focus, and a 5 mega-pixel camera with an auto focus. All the cameras in the Oppo F19S have a complete auto focus, which enables you to click pictures with precision and you can even edit them as you please.

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